Identity and packaging made for a new kind of candle. A candle with a little secret inside. The Candle was created by Thorunn Arnardottir in collaboration with Dan Koval. You can read more the candles  here.    My role  was to create the identity and packaging for the candles.
 Public education seems to be made for one type of person, and there are a lot of young people that fall between the cracks of the system. Therefore we created Badge Maker.  Badge Maker is a tool that enables educators to create badges for young people in order to recognise their skills.   I worked on the project hand in hand with a project manager.  My role  was to create the brand identity, the badge maker online and offline tools, the online platform - including wireframes and flowcharts, all workshop material, after effects video presentation of the platform, assist facilitating workshops and using the information we learned to create the best tool possible.
 Intimate Objects is a project run by Cassie Robinson. The project cares about developing a world of deepening intimacy - part sex, part sexual intimacy, and part intimacy that exists beyond or outside either of those things. It's all about each person interpreting what that means for themselves, and where they'd like to, sharing that with others.    My role  was to create the website and identity. I was also in charge of creating the offline materials for workshops and events.   Unfortunately the project had a short live span and the website was taken down. 
   A digital platform sponsored by Audi, to discover ski slopes in a new way.        The Brief:      Åkestam Holst came to us with this concept: create a digital platform for ski riders, sponsored by Audi. The goal of this platform is for people to explore and discover ski slopes around the world.       We delivered this new platform, including design, ux, and technical solutions.    Project created in Hyper Island with these amazing people: Ardavan Sahebkar, Gabriel Vieira Kolisch, Jacklyn Smith, Olivier Ramirez, Wout Arets and myself.    My role  was to project manage, art direct, design and some video work.