I was born in Iceland to the best family a person can ask for. People that have dedicated their life to helping other people and put their wellbeing in front of their own. I am the person I am today because of them. I have traveled around Europe for studies and work. I made a decision to take a degree in design but at the time I saw it as a selfish choice, to choose something that made me happy and gave me joy instead of helping other people. But with further education and experience I have learnt that it's possible to combine the two. And I believe that good design can make a big difference in peoples lives.

I have had the good fortune to work with big clients like The Guardian, Tesco, Europcar, Converse, Audi,  Warner Music, Ikea, Disney, illy Cafe and startups like No more woof, a device that can read a dogs mind. WorkSafe Technology, a company that creates products and systems which change the way injury-prone tasks are performed. A Badge Maker tool for educators to recognise young peoples skills. Intimate Objects a place to open up a discussion for intimacy. And Pyro Pet, candles with a skeleton inside.  

Here is my CV